You Know More Than What You Feel, You Really Just Feel More

You Know More Than What You Feel, You Really Just Feel More

​​ And so…
 A rose is a rose is a rose.

And I am in diverging moods.
 Still it meets to a point of sanity.

But I am close to nought,

Which may be penultimate.

The fundamental may be nigh.
 But who knows?

I grasp to what is near.

Hoping it will hold me from falling.

I will survive.
 With flying colors of human helpers

And Divine sparklers,

Abstract creatures mental,

Material assurance, and natural.
 See the hope? Up up up.

And look around.

Its not as helpless as you think.

Look around but close your eyes.


​Yow Whoo

​Yow Whoo

You who over thinks

Your neurons die

‘Cause morning was nigh.

Mind: feast for shrinks.
Sleep seems unreachable

Yet its perfectly natural

For will to be unable to yearn

Rest for the dream portal

Thoughts are engrossing.

Ideas are worth mulling.

You can just drown in musing.

No regrets with brain reeling.

I Am Peter

I Am Peter

​I am Peter, I am self-confident.

I am Peter, relying on my own strength.

I am Peter. I am impulsive.

I am Peter, and my denial is foretold.

I am Peter. I follow my own will.

I am Peter, I have been ashamed of Jesus.

I am Peter, I denied my own friend.

I am Peter, trusting in self.

I am Peter, and sin I forsake Jesus.

I am Peter, my lack of faith ever fails me.

I am Peter, defeated in self-trust.

I am Peter, sitting with the world.

But I am Peter, still following Jesus, even afar off.

But I am Peter. I remembered the Word of the Lord.

But I am Peter, turning from the world.

But I am Peter, looking at Jesus.

But I am Peter, and am seeing Jesus looking at me.

But I am Peter, understanding my sin,

But I am Peter. I found mercy. 

But I am Peter, feeling contrite and repentant.

But I am Peter. I’ve wept bitterly for my sin.

But I am Peter, assured of God’s pardon.

But I am Peter, never again do I deny Him.

And I am Peter, my confidence is now in Christ. 

Inspired by Luke 22.

Endorphins for the Dolphins

Earth Day. Conceptualized by peace activist John McConnell in 1969, it was sanctioned a proclamation just a year later by US Senator Gaylord Nelson. The firsts of this April 22nd Earth day happened in 1970. This day became a day of environmental campaign and awareness for the past 46 years of the movement. More than just a day of awareness, environmental groups advocate this day for conscientious action and human behavior within the thriving environment and the earth at large.

Never would I have got involved in this feat if not for National Geographic’s Earth Day Run, already on its 7th year in the Philippines last April 17, 2016. This year also marks milestone for this event, because for the first time, NatGeo Earth Day Run was held simultaneously in 5 cities across 5 countries in Southeast Asia. In Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, TaiChung, and Manila, the Eco Warriors ran, their feet carrying them to their goals and NatGeo bringing their goals to reality.

Here in the Philippines, the beneficiaries of the run are for the Irrawady Dolphin Research and Conservation in Malampaya Sound, Palawan for the endangered species conservation; allocations for WWF solutions in climate change for the “Earth Hour” or Gift of Life village in Monreal, Masbate; reforestation efforts for the Opp Watershed in Bulacan; and the Marine Protected Area (MPA) and the coral reef conservation in Apo Reef in Occidental Mindoro.

For my 5-kilometer run, I personally dedicated it to the 40 endangered dolphins. When my anxiety kicked on the way running late to the venue, still without warm-up and stretch, I remembered I’m not here to live out that anxiety but to run for these dolphins. That brought the smile back to my face and the tension on my stomach to loosen up.

When I registered, I had a target of 45-59 minutes run. It was my first run of the year so I took it easy. I got a slot on Wave C but getting in place got me lined with Wave D. At least I was all ready. Every one was so hyped up especially at the starting line I didn’t mind I was alone, the buzz for Earth Day Run was contagious (with the emcee even saying our wave was the most beautiful crowd he’s seen so far. Bound to be because the sun is up and all our ruddy physique show)! So much that I forgot to time my run. Still, my official time was 44:08, hitting my goal with time to spare! Yay for the dolphins!

From the day of its inception, Earth Day has spread to nearly 200 countries. Eco Warrior, today, reflect. Of the flora and fauna, of the drizzle and storm, of the ragged, steep mountains, of the potted plant by your door. The earth bore you since you were. How have you borne the earth?  Everything you do has an impact to the world.

Celebrate the Earth by being kind to it. It’s the only one we have. To an Eco Warrior, everyday is Earth Day.

I Just Finished The Bible and This Is What I Think

Keep calm. The Lord lights your path to where you need to go and what steps you should take.

As a highly interpersonal individual, I must say that the ultimate satisfaction is not in discovery of the self, but in the discovery of God.

I am highly fond of searching within myself. It is a practice for me that is not only a past time, but an occupation. Occupation not in the sense that I’m yet earning money from it, but that it occupies my energies and time. Epiphanies and realizations relevant to man are common to me, it is not a great trouble to conjure a classic line or two.

But this little celebrated talents are just minutiae of the essence of man’s being. Acquiring a daily dose of scripture was the little thing which kept me in touch with my sanity when the world was topsy turvy (and it often was). I had all the questions, especially “Why?” The Bible held gems relevant for the day, and held sufficient advice for the hourly battles.

Yet it wasn’t all smooth-sailing. Four books before I ended the Bible, I wasn’t happy. It was like an impending rebuke to me that I was almost finishing up the Bible, but what do I know? That was how I thought. I was comparing. Among those people who were my inspiration in reading the Bible through and through, Princess Diana and all those figures, how was I faring compared to them? I was at an unhealthy stage in my life. But I trudged on and the Lord never left me.

When I finished the Bible after a chapter a day it was like a part of me had been filled. Internally my joy was itself singing, “we’ve come this far by faith!” It forced me to view all these time I spent in this habit as something. It was an accomplishment. It was unlike my over thinking where I struggle in looking within me. All these identity seeking was irrelevant because all I am is all who the Lord is saying I am.

Now that my Bible reading is has been filled with living water, a new divine urge needed welling up: Bible study. I am not a stranger to this feat, but deliberate Bible study… that is another thing.

In the end, all I need is to praise the Lord. And this is how we do it.

There Are Wounds, And There Are Wounds

There are wounds that scar us forever.
There are wounds that scar us to death.
There are wounds that we’d rather nobody else see.
There are wounds that others can’t help but see.
There are wounds that become our identity.
There are wounds we take in as our identity.
There are wounds that reopen.
There are wounds that you have to cover.
There are wounds that will heal by itself.
There are wounds that have to be nursed.
There are wounds that you have to take care of.
There are wounds you just have to let be.